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Purchase of materials required to provide partition wall in Room 309A & B in the Department of Architecture of this institution 24-Oct-2017 245
Purchase of Portable Microbiology Water Quality Lab for Environmental Engineering Lab of Civil Engineering Department of this institution 19-Oct-2017 351
DATA ACQUISITION SYSTEM (Data monitoring IC) 16-Oct-2017 323
Purchase of FUEL CELL EMULATOR 16-Oct-2017 333
Purchase of 9 bus,3 feeder Network Simulator 16-Oct-2017 334
Purchase of Wind Emulator- DFIG 16-Oct-2017 329
DATA ACQUISITION SYSTEM Open Hardware Embedded Computer(Beaglebone Black with wifi and bluetooth Model:BBBWc-562) 16-Oct-2017 352
Purchase of Lathe Tool Dynamometer for Mechanical Engineering WorkShop of this institution 13-Oct-2017 341
Purchase of Sound Source, Omnidirectional loud speaker, Impact sound generator for Building Science Lab of Architecture Department 09-Oct-2017 334
Purchase of Mass Spring Damper System and Application based PLC kits for Electrical Engineering Department of this institution 09-Oct-2017 358
Purchase of Consumables for Power Electronics Lab of Electrical Engineering Department 04-Oct-2017 463
Purchase of Electronic point gauge set with sensors for bed profile measurements 03-Oct-2017 406
Electronic Weighing Balance Touch key calibration, LCD display Accuracy: not less than 0.001g. Maximum Capacity: Not less than 600g Pan Size: not less than 125 mm 03-Oct-2017 421
Supply and installation of 10 HP PUMP with motor including tthe cost of materials,labour,conveyance to the site of installation etc.completE 03-Oct-2017 390
Purchase of DC voltmeters, Ammeters, FPGA kits and Dspic kits with development board for Power Electronics Lab of Electrical Engineering Department 24-Sep-2017 693
Purchase of Air Conditioners for Electrical Engineering Department of this institution 14-Sep-2017 559
Purchase of Consumables for Electrical Workshop of Electrical Engineering Department 13-Sep-2017 609
Purchase of UPS battery (Buyback scheme) for Technical Library of this institution 10-Sep-2017 580
Purchase of DLP Projector for Physics Department 10-Sep-2017 602
Purchase of Apparatus for Determination of Particle size for Physics Department 10-Sep-2017 575


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