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Parent Teacher Association

The Parent Teacher Associationis a non government organization of the parents of all students of the College and the teaching faculty. It is a very active organization working in the College to provide a common forum for interaction of parents and teachers so as to improve facilities for academic excellence. It also provides special and essential services to the students and the staff.



Some of the major activities of PTA are


  • Provide stationary items for conducting series test for all branches of Engineering

  • Meets the expense towards Identity cards

  • Provides security services to the College, Men’s Hostel, Ladies Hostel and MBA Department

  • Meets the expense towards sending the student’s progress report to parents

  • Provides essential civil and electrical maintenance work to different departments and campus.

  • Provides essential maintenance work to Men’s Hostel and Ladies Hostel

  • Maintenance of Ladies amenity centre

  • Reward the students securing highest mark in all branches

  • Reward the students excelling in academics and extracurricular activities

  • Sponsorship for students participating in Technical Seminars/Conferences outside the College

  • Meets the expense for Campus doctor

  • Provides training for staff advisors to counsel the students

  • Financial assistance to activities like NSS, College Union election, sports and arts





Ragging: Crime & Punishment

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