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International Dam Safety Conference-2019

13-14 Fabruary 2019, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India

Organised by CWC, OWRD and the World Bank

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16th International Conference on Humanizing Work and Work Environment (14-16 December 2018)

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7th Asian Joint Workshop on Thermophysics and Fluid Science (AJWTF 7) during November 21-24 2018

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Scholarships and Awards


CETAA, formed in 1976 with the aim of establishing rapport with former students and to have common programmes which will be mutually beneficial. Now around 4000 of our former students are life members of the association.

The alumni who come under the banner of CETAA have established themselves worldwide. Now, CETAA has chapters at Chicago , Dubai , Kuwait Bangalore , America and Kochi .

Instituting awards and scholarships to reward excellence in curricular and extra curricular activities has been one of the major activities of CETAA. Prizes and awards are annually distributed in a prestigious award ceremony. CETAA day celebration is carried out every year during November, which gives a forum to meet alumni members. As on date there are 45 awards/endowments instituted by CETAA members in the names of former professors as well as their colleagues. The number of endowments and awards are given below. In addition, CETAA also has certain funds for helping poor students in their studies.




1.              Prof. K.C. Chacko Memorial Endowment

For the best outgoing Civil Engineering student

2.              Suroop Memorial Endowment

For the best outgoing Civil Engineering student

3.              Prof. S. Rajaraman Endowment

 For the second best outgoing student in Civil Engineering

4.              Col. P. Vaidyanathan Memorial Endowment

For outgoing student in Mechanical Engineering

5.              Prof. M. P. Mathew Memorial Endowment

For outgoing Mechanical Engineering student with the highest sessional marks

6.              T. S. Viswanatha Pillai Memorial Endowment

For the best all rounder in final year Mechanical Engineering

7.              Dr. M. V. Kesava Rao Endowment

For the best outgoing student in Electrical Engineering

8.              Prof. K. Venkitaraman Memorial Endowment

For the highest marks in 5th and 6th semesters, E & C

9.              Prof. J.C. Alexander Memorial Endowment

(Best outgoing student, Architecture) Professor, Chief Town Planner, designed College building

10.           S. VidyanathaIyer Memorial Endowment

                         Highest marks in Ist to VI th semester Civil Engg.

11.           Prof. T.C. George Endowment

For the final year Civil Engineering Student with highest marks in all surveying papers put together

12.           Kesav-Santha Memorial Endowment

Best incoming Mechanical Engineering student

13.           Maya Mukundan Memorial Endowment

 Highest marks in 4th semester Civil Engineering

14.           Dr.S  Vasudev Memorial Endowment

Civil - Highest marks in Fluid Mechanics - theory & practical

15.           Prof. M.G. Koshy Memorial Endowment

                    Best student in Maths from all branc

                   16.            Dr. P. Appukuttan Endowment

University Champion and also should fall within the first 10 tanks in his branch

17.           George Korah Memorial Endowment

Highest marks in Ist to IVth semester of Electronics & Tele Communication

18.           Thomas Panicker Memorial Endowment

Best student of S7 Electrical

19.           Govinda Shenoi Endowment

For academically outstanding Gowda Saraswatha Brahmin student

of 1st year Civil Engineering

20.           Sankumughom Padmanabhan Memorial Endowment

First year civil Engg. Student who is award of factory worker or a last grade servant

21.           P. Rathnaswamy Memorial Endowment

Best outgoing student in Computer Science & Engineering

22.           Dr. L. Srinivasa Iyer Endowment

Civil Engg. Student with the highest marks in Structural Engg. Elective.

23.           Dr. S. Hariharan Endowment

Final semester Electrical Engg. Student with the Highest marks in Electric machines.

24.           Dr. K. P. Parameswaran Pillai Endowment

Best all rounder in Academics, Arts & Cultural activities(Final year student)

25.           Prof. P C. George Endowment

Best Basketball player in the college, with no back papers

26.           S. Shanmugham Memorial Endowment.

Electrical Engg. student securing highest marks in Control Systems. (First appearance)

27.           U G Menon Memorial Endowment

For a student in Architecture with Highest marks in Fine Arts related subjects

28.           Dr. T. S. RamanathaIyer Endowment

 For the Civil Engineering student with highest marks in Geotechnical Engineering.

29.           Sthapathi Samman

 Architecture student who scores maximum marks in final year 'Architecture Design Thesis'.

30.           K. Jayamohan Memorial Scholarship

Final Year Mechanical Engg. who excels academically & active in  extracurricular activities who is not in receipt of any other award.

31.           K. Thomas Kora Memorial Award

Best Outgoing Mechanical Engineering student.

32.           Prof. V K  Savithiri Endowment Award

              Best outgoing Electrical Engineering Female student.

33.           Prof. V K Savithri Endowment

Best incoming girl student on the basis of rank in entrance examination (first year student)

34.           R. S. Varier memorial Endowment

Three top ranking students of Electrical & Electronics in the final year B-Tec examination.        (3 students)

35.           C. K. Babu Memorial Award

 Best outgoing student in Industrial Engg.

36.           Prof. G. Ramachandran, Endowment Scholarship

 Economically weaker student,(please write the income of Student)

(2 nd Year student)

37.           Dr. N. Vasudevan Nair Memorial Endowment

Best Incoming Student in Microwave Engineering (M. Tech.)

38.           Dr. K. Ramachandran, Endowment Scholarship

Best Incoming Student in Power Systems (M.Tech.)Electrical

39.           Prof. G. Nagappan Nair Endowment Awards

 For the Student scoring maximum marks in Mathematics for all semesters from One each to students of CE, ME, E&E and E&C Dept. 4 awards.

40.           Appukuttan Fund Endowment

For the best outgoing student of the following 5 Branches in rotation. Architecture, Civil, Electrical, Electronics & Communication and Mechanical.

41.           Smt. Sarasija Thampuran Memorial Endowment

Best outgoing student in Master Planning (Housing) from the Dept.of Architecture.

42.           Prof. P.C. George Memorial Endowment

 For a Civil Engg. student who secured the highest marks in Environmental Engineering.

43.           Prof. C.E.G. Justo Endowment

 For the best outgoing M-Tech student in Traffic and Transportation Engg.

44.           Thattayil P.N. Achutha kurup Memorial Endowment

 Electrical& Electronics Engg. student who secured the highest marks in Engineering Physics for the first year examination.

45.           Prof. S.G. SubramoniaSarma Memorial Endowmemt

Student scoring the highest marks in MBA full time degree examination conducted by the kerala university

46.           Abid Shajahan Memorial Endowmemt

Electrical Engg. student scoring highest marks in software related subjects

47.           I.K. Mohan Trust Scholarship

Meritorious students with low family income

48.           1956 Batch Golden Jubilee Endowment

First year Regular student belong to economically backward family whose entrance rank is above the median rank in the college

49.         Mahindra Gold Medal                                                                                          

Topper at the end of Sixth semester (Mechanical, Electronics, Computer Science)

50.           Dr. Baburaj Praseedam Memorial Endowment

Poor &deserving student  in CET.(Selection will be based on income)

51.           CETAA Alumni Bahrin Endowment

Economically backward & weaker Student to be selected by the Principal.

52.           HARISANKAR A. Memorial Endowment.

Excellent student with good character, high academic record and with leadership qualities.


         For the best outgoing M.Tech student in Structural Engineering.

54.           1970-74 Batch Endowment.

A meritorious student from economically weaker section.

                   55.         S.P.Gopakumar Memorial Endowment

                  For the best incomming student in M Tech Electrical Engg,Stream Control system.

                   56.         Sri. S Bhagavatheeswara Iyer Memorial Fund

                  For the Top scorer in M.Tech in Geotechnical Engg.nical Engineering

                   57.         Manu Memorial Scholarship

 Economically backward sixth semester student who have academic skills and need financial support

                   58.         Dr K Gopalakrishnan Nair IIIE Endowment Award

   M Tech Student in lndustrial Engg:  Scores the highest Marks in the final Examination from this   College.

                   59.         Dr R Jayaraman Endowment Award

The final year B tech civil engg. student who has highest aggregate up to6thsemesterwithout failing in any subject (having passed all subjects in the first attempt itself)

                   60.      Dr A Kulathu Aiyer Memorial Endowment

Topper in all Geotechnical Engg sub: put together (three core subjects in S6 and S7 and Electives in Geotechnical Engg: Stream in the First Appearenes)

                   61.      Dileep kumar Memorial Endowment

Economically weak and good academic achiever. 2ndyear Architecture student

                   62.      Dr. K V Krishnankutty Endowment Award

The best incoming sudent by rank joining in the M Tech (Industrial Engg. Stream)

                   63.      Appukuttan   Memorial Endowment Award 

Economically backward student and with good academic performance in S1S2 examination

                   64.      Bini & Sajeev Endowment Scholarship

 First year Ec student Economically poor and not a recipient of other similar scholarship (means & merit)





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