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16th International Conference on Humanizing Work and Work Environment (14-16 December 2018)

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7th Asian Joint Workshop on Thermophysics and Fluid Science (AJWTF 7) during November 21-24 2018

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Trest Research Park


TREST Research Park has been envisaged as a State level sponsored scheme to leverage the talent and expertise available in the University/Academic Institutions. The Research Park assists companies with a research focus to set up a base in the park. The coming together of the Corporate R & D, the faculty and students of CET will increase the probability of successful innovation. It provides an environment that encourages technology development, commercialization and also provides research and educational opportunities.


The Govt. of Kerala has given the consent for the formulation of the TrEST during the year 2013. The registration of the TrEST as section 25 Company with the registered Share holders was granted in 2014 and the process is complete with the Registrar of Companies, Govt. of India.

One company named EnGen dealers and Consultants Private Ltd have already registered in TrEST Park. Two other companies have approached the park, one of them is Enviornmental Engineers International Pty Ltd and the other is to develop a rotary internal combustion engine. They were given temporary sanction to associate with the park, the registration is pending.


The major activities are


  • Create an environment whereby industry can utilize the expertise of faculty and facilities of laboratories
  • Provide practical real life experience to students
  • Provide environment for technology development and commercialization
  • Provide world class infrastructure for R&D activities
  • Joint Research Projects sponsored by industry
  • Organise joint Seminars, Conferences and workshops
  • Facility for students for internship
  • To operate TBI centre as part of Research park
  • To facilitate members of the park to utilize the research facilities of the Institution
  • To provide facilities and services needed by start up companies
  • 10 acres of land earmarked for the park in CET campus
  • Process going on for registering the park under section-25 of companies’ act
  • Government of Kerala allotted 1 Cr. in 2013 Budget.
  • Administrative sanction obtained from the Government
  • Received a grant of 1 Cr. from AICTE
  • National Instruments agreed for collaboration with a financial commitment of 1 Cr.
  • Two companies expressed their willingness to start their research centre and are waiting for Govt. sanction


Dr. K. Krishnakumar Professor, Mechanical Engineering is the coordinator and mail Id of TrEST Research Park is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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