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16th International Conference on Humanizing Work and Work Environment (14-16 December 2018)

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7th Asian Joint Workshop on Thermophysics and Fluid Science (AJWTF 7) during November 21-24 2018

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First Year B.Tech/B.Arch classes starts on 01-08-2018. Parents and students are directed to report at Diamond Jubilee Hall at 8.45 A M


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The services of the expertise of the department, supported by the modernized laboratories, are used to solve various problems of the industries associated with the fields of Civil Engineering.

Facilities in Geotechnical Engineering

·         Subsoil investigation and insitu testing

·         Expert recommendation on selection of foundation types and design of   foundations

·         Analysis and design of slopes, embankments and retaining walls

·         Design with Geosynthetics for pavements, slopes, embankments, retaining walls, foundation and erosion protection

·         Geometrical testing and testing of Geosynthetics

·         Ground improvement and design

·         Failure analysis and forensic of Geosynthetics

·         Expert advice and design of complex foundation system using Finite Element Analysis

·         Soil structure interaction analysis for earthquake condition for important structures

·         Tailor made training programme for corporate clients to suit specific requirements

Facilities in Structural Engineering

·         Structural design of all types of concrete and steel structures

·         Analysis and design of shell structures

·         Design of FRC, FRP, Ferrocement and sandwich structures

·         Mix design for standard and high performance concrete mixes

·         Assessment of insitu strength of concrete

·         Non destructive testing of Structural components

·         Structural design of seismic resistant structures

·         Analysis and design of Composite RCC and Pre-Stressed Structures

·         Retrofitting and Rehabilitation of RCC and Pre-Stressed Structures

·         Quality assessment of all types of Civil Engineering Structures

·         Vibration recording of structures

·         Testing and certification of materials

Facilities in Hydraulics Engineering

·         Model studies on Harbour, breakwater, wave attenuation, coastal protection works, etc.

·         DAM Break analysis

·         Preparation of flood inundation map

·         Investigation of Ground water

·         Pumping test for bore wells

·         Modeling of ground water flow and contaminant transport

·         Modeling of salt water intrusion into coastal aquifers

·         Risk assessment of water supply systems

·         Water resources planning for integrated optimal development of the available water resources of Kerala

·         Investigation of the possibilities of lift irrigation in the state

·         Run-off characteristics of Kerala catchments

·         Model studies of Hydraulic Projects

·         Design of Hydraulic structures

·         Investigation and design of dams and other related aspects

·         Projects based on GIS and remote sensing

Facilities in Environmental Engineering

·         Water and air quality monitoring

·         Design of plumbing and sanitary systems

·         Design of water supply and sewage systems for cities and townships

·         Treatment and disposal of industrial waste

·         Testing and certification of water quality

·         Tests for heavy metal pollutants in water and waste-water

·         Testing for sludge and soil chemical parameters

·         Municipal solid waste management

·         Water conservation and rain water harvesting

·         Eco-friendly and zero waste techniques

·         Environmental impact assessment

·         Environmental auditing of industries

·         Conservation and pollution monitoring of wet land and inland water bodies


·         Accurate determination of the area of land using modern equipments

·         Preparation of survey map using advanced survey instruments

·         Sub-division of area to serviceable plots

·         Determination of quantity of earth work required in leveling. Most modern equipments like electronic total station, automatic levels, DGPS

Facilities in Transportation Engineering

·         Bituminous mix designs, quality control testing of pavement mix samples, mastic asphalt pavement and materials used in pavement construction

·         Performance evaluation of pavements

·         Solution to Transportation Planning and Traffic Engineering Problems

·         Monitoring and quality assessment of roads

·         Preparation of DPR for PMGSY road projects

·         Co-ordinating Division on the MoUD Project-Centre of Excellence in Urban Transport at IIT Madras

·         Confidentiality and Non Disclosure Agreement on the usage of a Web based software named RSMS for accident analysis with an organization.


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