International Dam Safety Conference-2018

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ISTE Chapter

Indian soceity for Technical Education (ISTE) is a national professional body consisting of nearly 40,000 engineering teachers and academicians. A chapter of ISTE with more than 250 life members and a student chapter with more than 700 student members are functioning in this institution. The activities of ISTE have several dimensions such as career development, subject upgradation, personality development, communication skill development, aptitude development, preparation for competitive examination etc. The aim of ISTE is to prepare faculty and students into master trainers and master students respectively. In order to achieve these goals several programs are organized regularly. The programs include invited talks by experts from the industry, industrial visits, seminars, subject upgradation workshops, competitions, quiz programmes, audio visual shows etc. Mock interviews, training for competitive examinations, group discussion and public speaking are held at regular intervals. The ISTE has training facility for spoken English which is open for both faculty and students. ISTE also provides Internet facility to its members. Dr. A. Sukeshkumar, Prof. S. Sheela and Dr. Krishnakumar are the president, secretary and student advisor respectively of the ISTE Trivandrum chapter.

The ISTE student chapter is actively involved with various academic activities as well as Nature Club activities. Nature club associated with the ISTE students’ chapter has done excellent work in enhancing and conserving the bio-diversity of the campus under the guidance of Prof. D. Thankamony of Civil Engineering Department. .


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